How Much Are You Paying Your Webmaster, SEO & Marketing Management To Increase Your Brand’s Exposure & Profits?

Website & App

We have arrived in an era where smartphones have become one of the essentials! Your business is useless if your website is NOT mobile responsive and by NOT having an App associated with your brand is a disaster waiting to happen.

SEO & Marketing

As of April 2015, Google has changed its algorithm and stated they will NOT rank any website that is NOT mobile responsive.So, SEO is imperative that you get it right in order to stay on the best spot on the major search engines.

Clients & Profits

Getting a new client to go with your business has become very difficult to get in this fiercely competitive market. It will take about FIVE marketing campaigns before you will land a deal or for the client to hire you instead of your competition!

Why Are So Many Deaf Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Turning To Deaf Biz Hub….?

It is Simple As This: We’re Most Excellent In What We Do, That’s In Increasing Your Exposure,
Generating Leads, And Increasing Profits.

Let’s be honest, are you wasting so much of your time dealing with all those tedious & time wasting tasks that you can barely function properly with your business, clients/customers and profits? Yeah? Then You Need Us!

Information Overload

We are feeling overwhelmed with all the new information every day, we have to learn so to be on par with our competition – it even leaves driven entrepreneur frustrated!

Bad Strategy

What works yesterday, will not work today is something people will have to always bear that in mind – many people just set it up and left it at that. That is a very bad move!

Confusing Methods

This is not for the faint heart, to stay with the ever changing pace, you will need to be on alert to stay up to date with the changes.

For One Small Monthly Fee, Our Clients Pay Us To Over Deliver On Our Promise

To Get Your Brand Seen By Over 250k People In The Deaf Community Every Month… Here Is All The Websites/Magazines/Social Media Listed Below Where Your Article, Website or Business Will Publish In!

To Get Your Brand Exposure At A Level You’ve Paid For Is Not As Easy As You Think, It Required Specialist Skill!

Deaf City Hub

Deaf City Hub is an APP where you can download from Google Play – iOS will be launching soon, I would advise you to sign up for the newsletter here to get the announcement once iOS is open in iTunes.

Your business or a website will have an ad placement inside the APP, it all depends on your website or what kind of business you are running, but for many they will have a feature placement which will be seen by thousands every day.

Download from the store here

Visit the site here

Deaf Village

Deaf Village is the world ONLY website that provides up to date contents for the Signing community, the real deaf people. There are many news websites out there for ‘Deaf’ people who communicate without sign language, and your website or business will be seen by the real deaf people in the Signing community.

Visit the site here

Deaf TV Hub

xino (5)
Deaf TV Hub is the ONLY TV Hub that delivers video with CC/Subtitles, our audience is varied and we provide CC/Subtitles videos so we could cater for everyone interested. As part of the package, your video will be published here, however, if you don’t have CC/Subtitles, we will provide for you for free, a basic CC/Subtitles package is FREE!

Visit the site here

Deaf Magz

magzDeaf Magz is 9 years old and for 9 years we have delivered hundreds of magazine editions for the Deaf community, and some have been published on the blog. Your article will be published on this blog and distributed to our mailing list readers once a week!

Visit the site here

Deaf Start Ups

jacko2In theory many businesses have to go through a start up at some point in their journey and many of our business owners have opened their door and let us know how they have success. And your business will be featured on the Deaf Start Ups website, our writers will write a small article about you and how your dream began.

Visit the site here

Deaf Millionaire Hub

xino (4)There are deaf people out there who has a dream of living the dream and we are here to tell them that this is possible. We provide free workshops, there are many online courses and workshops, but none of them deliver it in Sign Language. You may not have become a millionaire, but if you have achieved something that you never thought you get in your wildest dream, then we will share it with the others on the Deaf Millionaire Hub.

Visit the site here

Twitter Deaf Village

Your content will be posted on my personal Twitter account to let my followers know what you and your business are up to. If you have good content then I will be able to post it every day!

You can follow us here

Twitter Deaf Millionaire

Like its website, deaf people have a dream of becoming a millionaire and we post amazing tips and tricks from those who have used the methods to success! It’s an open platform and the status update can be used at every hour.

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Pinterest Deaf City Hub

pinhubA screenshot of your website or online business will be taken and published on our Pinterest account. Our followers are 10 times more active there than any other social media platform we own.

Check it out here

Deaf Gay Mag

9523134-15289006Deaf Gay Magazine published once a month, an article about your business or website will be written by our expert writers and publish on here once a month, or if you have an update one, let us know and we will make an update article and publish it on the next release.

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Deaf Lesbian Mag

9492952-15289043Every month we sent out a magazine filled with contents for the deaf lesbian community from all over the world. Social media is great, but everything gets lost in the maze, no one has the time to spend time scrolling back to find relevance contents. If you have anything lesbian related, it will get published here, it doesn’t have to be lesbian orientated, but would benefit them as well.

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Deaf Lifestyle Mag

Is there any real deaf lifestyle magazine out there? That is written by real deaf people with passion and skills in their choose subjects or a deaf columnist? I bet not, so we are here to give the deaf community an opportunity to experience journalism. Your article or column will be published once a month.

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Deaf Entreprenuer Mag

9544609-15330746I am amazed at the huge numbers of the uprising of Deaf entrepreneur from around the world. This magazine calls for Deaf entrepreneurs to write about their success and also guide the others to achieve their dreams of running a business. Any stories, whether it is winning or losing, we will share it with you.

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Deaf You Tube

deafyoutube-300x114Your video will be posted on Deaf YouTube to the tune of almost 40k viewers once a week! We have the same principle as Deaf TV Hub, we will only publish videos that have CC/Subtitles so we could cater for our wider audience.

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Deaf Website

Deaf Website Listing is only one of this kind, we will publish your website or business on this Fanpage, however, if you have updated your site with a new look, then we will republish it again for you.

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Deaf Magazine

Any links, articles or videos that have been published on other sources of ours, will be published on this Deaf magazine Fanpage as well, but with a different title. Our writers will write an update article once a week as well.

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Sign Language Worldwide

signlangworld-300x114This is solely a Fanpage that campaign for the world to learn Sign Language, if you have anything relevant to sign Language or you are a tutor, then this place is for you! Usually the members get their relevant contents posted there once a week!

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