How Much Are You Paying Your Webmaster, SEO & Marketing Management To Increase Your Brand’s Exposure & Profits?

Website & App

We have arrived in an era where smartphones have become one of the essentials! Your business is useless if your website is NOT mobile responsive and by NOT having an App associated with your brand is a disaster waiting to happen.

SEO & Marketing

As of April 2015, Google has changed its algorithm and stated they will NOT rank any website that is NOT mobile responsive.So, SEO is imperative that you get it right in order to stay on the best spot on the major search engines.

Clients & Profits

Getting a new client to go with your business has become very difficult to get in this fiercely competitive market. It will take about FIVE marketing campaigns before you will land a deal or for the client to hire you instead of your competition!

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Information Overload

We are feeling overwhelmed with all the new information every day, we have to learn so to be on par with our competition – it even leaves driven entrepreneur frustrated!

Bad Strategy

What works yesterday, will not work today is something people will have to always bear that in mind – many people just set it up and left it at that. That is a very bad move!

Confusing Methods

This is not for the faint heart, to stay with the ever changing pace, you will need to be on alert to stay up to date with the changes.

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